From traditional Turkish Delight to buttery baklawa and good old-fashioned favourites like gummy bears and sour worms, we have scrumptious snacks, colourful candies, and perfect pastries to satisfy even the most discerning sweetest tooth. Whether you want to treat yourself or someone else, check out our huge range of confectionary for candy lovers of every age. Sweet, sour, chewy, salty, chocolate-coated, or crunchy — you’ll find candied delights for every season and occasion.

Traditional candy for the entire family

Keep it classic with gummy bears in a variety of delectable colour and flavour combinations, as well as sour worms that deliver that irresistible sweet and sour tang. Our crunchy honey peanuts are the perfect more-ish party treat, while gummy raspberries make the ideal companion to your movie night in. Heading on a road trip? Stock up on delicious hard jubes — a tried and tested family favourite that’s guaranteed to keep hunger, cravings, and boredom at bay.   

Nutty nougats and tempting Turkish Delight

Our soft, deliciously chewy nougats are great as a gift or as an indulgent snack, while our high-quality, rose-flavoured traditional Turkish Delight pieces make for a timeless sweet treat. Looking for a dairy-free dessert or a healthier alternative to that chocolate bar? Try our dairy-free White Delight candy — it’s low-carb and low-GI but still every bit as satisfying.

Middle Eastern sweet treats

If you’re looking for something a little bit special, check out our range of sweet treats that also includes decadent diamond and finger baklawa. These rich Middle Eastern delicacies combine thin, deliciously flaky sheets of filo pastry with tasty nuts and lashing of rich butter to create a unique pastry dessert you won’t want to put down.

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Showing all 8 results