Unsalted Nuts

Here at Nuts Galore, it’s no surprise that nuts are one of our favourite snack foods — there’s just so much to love about them! No matter how you eat them, nuts are a great, low-effort, and delicious way to add protein, fibre, vitamins, and more to your diet. They’re a great healthy snack for those long days in the office, the perfect energy boost to get you through that hike, and even a great addition to salads, desserts, and other dishes.

You’ll find tons of nut options when shopping for nuts online — in fact, here at Nuts Galore, we’re proud to offer one of the widest selections of nuts in Australia. We carry everything from salted nuts to chocolate nuts and much more. One of our most popular choices? Unsalted nuts.

Unsalted nuts are a great way to enjoy the pure, natural flavours of nuts without the presence of additional features such as salt, chocolate, or seasonings. But don’t worry because our unsalted nuts are so delicious that we promise you won’t be disappointed. From almonds and peanuts to macadamias and pistachios, we’ve got a variety of unsalted nuts that not only taste amazing but are great for you as well!

Not a big snacker? There are so many other reasons to buy unsalted nuts, and so many ways to enjoy them! Whether you eat them as they are, roast them, season and spice them, turn them into a spread, or mix them with other delicious munchies like dried fruit, there’s no way you can go wrong. Our unsalted nuts are sure to become a staple that will help you snack responsibly, take the edge off your hunger, and keep your body healthy and strong.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy nuts and other snack items online, you’ve come to the right place. Our family at Nuts Galore makes it a mission to provide you with high-quality nuts and snacks at prices that you can afford. With our wide selection of products, we’re sure to have the perfect snack for you. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our chocolate nuts, or try our salted nuts if eating them raw isn’t your favourite way to snack. Get your crunch in with our selection of delicious pretzels and be sure to check out our variety of candy, dried fruits and vegetables while you’re here! Are you ready to get snacking?

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Showing all 9 results