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About Nuts Galore

Family Owned & Operated

Nuts sourced directly from the farm, roasted fresh twice weekly onsite, packaged onsite.

Our Story – Nuts Galore

The Farm

I remember sitting on a tractor when I was about 7 years old surrounded by orange trees on sunny Saturday afternoons. Every weekend my Dad would take me out to the orchard, and I’d spend the day watching as hundreds of ripe oranges were harvested and prepared for the markets. We’d spend countless hours in our own garden growing zucchini and beans (make a list here) that would then make their way inside and end up on our dinner table. Whole foods have always been an important part of our family life.

The Early Days

After running a grocery store in Lidcombe for a few years bringing the locals Lebanese treats a lot of Australians still hadn’t heard of let alone tasted, Dad saw a need for good quality nuts to be readily available to every household. Not the plastic packets of nuts that had been in storage for years and were often rancid like the ones he saw sitting on supermarket shelves, but fresh, good quality nuts like the specialty health food shops had sold back in Lebanon.

And so, in 1990, a small store by the name of Nuts Galore was established in Carlingford in Sydney’s northwest by my Mum and Dad, Laila and Mick Hauosher. Initially it was one small kiosk in a local shopping centre, where Mum would work behind the counter and Dad would run all over Sydney sourcing product to stock the shelves. Dad was driven by his passion for delivering the kind of quality he remembered from his youth in Lebanon and Mum was a natural fit for retail developing relationships with customers that have endured to this day.

Growth and Change

Customers readily embraced the quality nuts and dried fruits Nuts Galore was delivering and after two successful years Nuts Galore grew to two, and then four stores and the Nuts Galore name was here to stay. By this time, we were roasting all our own nuts which ensured consistent quality for our loyal customers. The growth continued, franchises opened, and additional stores were added, leading to the need for a bigger purpose-built factory where we still roast in Seven Hills.

The Boys

Nuts Galore is still very much a family business with myself and my three brothers Shad, Hady and Wasim involved in nut roasting and mixing, coffee roasting, and everything from deliveries to opening new stores (including this one!). You will see at least one of us at Castle Hill or Hornsby most days – come and say Hi! Mum and Dad’s passion for Nuts Galore means they continue to work in all facets of the business – we are so proud of what they have created.

From Our Family To Yours

Each week thousands of customers from around Australia visit Nuts Galore stores to source the best quality nuts, dried fruit, chocolates and Lebanese sweets to be found. These people, our customers, you, have made Nuts Galore what it is today. We would like to thank our customers for embracing nuts as part of a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. We would like to thank our customers for introducing us to their friends and spreading the word. 30 years on and we are still proudly going strong but building a reputation on longevity alone is nothing to brag about, which is why we’ve built ours on quality. We select only the absolute best nuts from Australia and around the world and roast them in house using traditional methods so you can be confident you are getting the very best.

Whole foods are just as important for our family today as they were in our orange orchard days, and we are excited to be able to share them with you in our new online store. Enjoy!

All nine stores comprise of 32 staff that are trained in knowing their product and attending to customers with the warmest friendliness.

The Haoushar´s always knew that the Nuts Galore business franchise model would be a success considering there are no other competitors offering a healthy snack alternative of equal quality and freshness anywhere in Australia.

To enquire about our franchising opportunity, please click here.

As Nuts Galore continues to grow and expand, you can guarantee that Nuts Galore is 100% committed to ensuring the high quality of its product and its friendly service remains as our number one priority.

Nuts Galore continue to source the best quality products from Australia and around the world and roast them in their own state of the art roasting facility to their standards. The roast still follows the tradition method to obtain the best results.