Salted Nuts

Salted NutsNuts come in all different types, but it’s no secret that salted nuts are one of the most popular. We’re not saying they’re our favourite kind of nuts but…that touch of salt brings out the intense, deep flavours that we can’t get enough of.

If you want the benefits of snacking on nuts but raw nuts aren’t your favourite, we’ve got the solution. Contrary to popular belief, a serving-sized portion of salted nuts (anywhere from one to two ounces) actually contains minimal amounts of added sodium, making them a great snacking option when consumed in moderation, as they still have the same health benefits as raw nuts.

Looking for the best salted nuts online? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Nuts Galore, we’re obsessed with providing you with high-quality snacks at some of the most affordable prices you’ll find. Whether you’re looking for classics like salted cashews or salted peanuts, or something new and exciting such as roasted broad beans or our delicious King Mix, we’ve got you covered. We add just the right amount of salt to our batches to ensure you get that tantalising taste without losing the natural flavour of the nuts.

When you shop online for salted nuts, sometimes it’s for more than just snacking — luckily, our high-quality nuts are extremely versatile. Use our salted nuts for a quick energy boost during the day, add them to your recipe rotation for a surprise crunch, or make them the perfect salty complement to a sweet dessert. They’re the ideal crowd-pleaser for the next game day, a great energy booster for a hike in the mountains, or your convenient post-workout protein punch.

Our salted nuts also make the perfect component to homemade trail mix. Just pair them with some dried fruits, seeds, and pretzels for the ultimate crunchy mix, or combine them with some of our other nuts for a protein and fibre-rich nut mixture that tastes so great you won’t believe how good it is for you. Check out our full range of snack products here.

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