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Some research shows that walnuts are a cook’s favourite ingredient.

Walnuts are moderately crunchy.

Their unique, ruffle-like shape makes them an attractive garnish, but it’s most likely their flavour that makes them so popular with cooks.

Walnuts have an earthy, fruity, and slightly tangy flavour.

They also have a hint of sharpness which helps balance the sweetness of many desserts.



Nuts are very nutritious, providing protein and many essential vitamins, such as A and E, minerals, such as phosphorous and potassium, and fibre.

Nuts are also high in carbohydrate and monounsaturated oils, so should be as part of your dailydiet whereas pulses all belong to the legume group of plants, nuts come from a variety of different plant groups, so the nutritional content is more varied too.

A brief description of individual varieties is given.


Nuts should be stored in cool, dry conditions in airtight containers away from the light.

Because of their high levels monounsaturated oils, RAW Nutsbenefit from storage in the fridge or freezer to greatly increase their shelf life.

As a general rule nuts should not be kept for longer than a year.

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